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1000th Birth Anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya

History of Sriperumputhur :

Sriperumbuthur (Bhuthapuri)

sri perum bhuth ur
kainkaryasri maha (big) bhuthaganas of shiva puri (town)

This is where the Bhuthaganas (ghostly servants) of Shiva worshipped Sri Adhikesava Perumal to get rid of the curse that was given by Shiva.

Sriperumbuthur is the town where Lord Sri Bhagavath Ramanuja (also known as Emperumanar, Udayavar, Sribhashyakarar, Ethirajar) was born in 1017(English Calender).

Ramanujar Festival Invitation 2017

Ramanujar Festival Begins =22/Apr/2017

Ramanujar Festival Ends = 1/May/2017

Life History Of Ramanujar

Sri Kesavasomayaji and Srimathi Kanthimathiammal were living in Sriperumbuthur. They did not have any offspring. Sri Kesavasomayaji then visits Thiruvallikkeni dhivyadhesam and performs a Puthrakameshtiyagam (praying to Lord Vishnu for a Puthrabaghyam) and worships Sri Venkatakrishnan Emperuman. Emperuman promises to him that he himself will appear as his son. Soon after, Kanthimathiammal gives birth to a beautiful boy child at Sriperumbuthur and he gets named as Ilayazhwar by his maternal uncle Periya Thirumalai Nambi.

The Uthsavar archaavigraham of Emperumanar present here is known as Than Vugantha (cherished by himself) thirumeni (vigraham/form). When Emperumanar was 120 years old, his disciples gets an archaavigraham which exactly resembles Emperumanar at that ripe age and presents the same to Emperumanar. Emperumanar embraces that vigraham and blesses that vigraham to his sishyas. He orders that vigraham to be installed at Sriperumbuthur.

The mulavar and uthsavar of Emperumanar’s share the same Thridhandam (3 sticks carried by Sannyasis). When uthsavar is in the garbhagraham (main sanctum), the Thridhandam is with the mulavar and when the uthsavar goes out, the Thridhandam is with the uthsavar.

Srimathe Ramyajamamathru muneendhraya Mahathmane Sriranga vasine bhooyath nithyasri nithya mangalam

The temple here is known as Sri Adhikesava perumal – Sri Bhashyakarar Devasthanam. There are regular activities in this temple which includes many uthsavams as well.

Born in sriperumputhur by the grace of thiruvallikkeni parthasarathy emperuman as his amsavatharam.marries thanjammal (rakshkambal) and goes to kanchipuram and learns samanya sastram and purva paksham from yadhava prakasar.when yadhava prakasar gives crooked interpretations to sastra vakyams, ilayazhwar corrects them.

On a pilgrimage towards varanasi, some disciples of yadhava prakasar plans to kill ilayazhwar. Govindhar (embar in the future), a cousin of ilayazhwar thwarts the plan and sends ilayazhwar towards kanchipuram. Ilayazhwar feeling lost in the forest is helped by dheva perumal and perundhevi thayar and comes back to kanchipuram.On his return, based on his mother’s advice, he serves dheva perumal under the guidance of thirukkachi nambi.

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